Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Fun in the Sun - Sunday 06/12/2011 - Roswell, NM to Silver City, NM

We started out the day by 8AM. I am talking with Dave,  Leonard and Liz. 
Eastern New Mexico seems to look like this for quite awhile. 

 And there seems to be alot of trailer homes or RV's out in the desert. 

Richard is taking our picture.  He rode along side of each bike and took their pictures.   Check out his blog at
This is Sharon riding in the desert. 

At our first gas stop, Dave has a chat with someone very interested in his bike.   The conversation usually starts like "So you ride a motor bike?... Where ya' from?" 

The road got interesting by mid mornnig on our way to the Sunspot Observatory.  Here you can see the whole group going through a nice turn.

Richard coming up for a photo shoot. 

We saw this sign on the way to the Observatory.   

 We overshot a turn and had to turn around. 

The observatory...

And our group photo at the observatory. 

 This sun dial was outside the observatory. 

Karen and Herman check out the telescope mirror display. 

You can see the white sands from the top of the moutain. 



After the observatory visit, we took a lunch at Chili's followed by a visit to the White Sands National Park. 

The White Sands park had.... white sand!

After the VERY HOT visit of the park we headed to Silver City.

 This was an interesting moutain, very pointy.

We had to stop at a boarder crossing which is actually several miles into the US territory. 

At one point we were above 8000 feet!

This was what the sun set looked like as we entered into Silver City.  The smoke from the fires really made the sunset look interesting. 
Dinner was at The Red Barn, where Mark and I watched the Mavericks win the NBA finals.  It was great!


Here is a quick action movie. 

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