Monday, June 13, 2011

Fun in the Sun - Saturday 06/11/2011 - Haskell, Texas - Roswell, NM

Well today is day 2, Haskell, Texas to Roswell, NM. Last night was quite a ride… a major storm blew through and we were driving on the south of it to Haskell. The lightning show was pretty impressive.

We started out nice and early and went over to a cheap road-side taco stand for breakfast with Byron. It was great.

Here we are right after breakfast, already getting hot.

Beth, Angela and Karen are getting ready to get going for the day. 

Bo watches as Graeme, Angela and Beth pose for their family portrait. 

This was an interesting place. 

A typical riverbed in west Texas.

I am not sure what to make of this...

Beth seems more interested in her game than the rest stop.


We never leave home without the Eagle. 

Liz and Leonard are pulling in for a gas stop.

     More of west Texas. 

Dave is ready for business. 



  We saw a few of these today.



Liz, Angela, and Sharon getting ready for lunch. 

 Lunch was at Dairy Queen where they climb on the Coke machine.    Dairy Queen, as it turns out is a favorite of several of our riders.... not me. 

 More shots from west Texas.   Just some random images that Karen thought were interesting. 

Bo and Stephen discuss tire valves. 

This was a monument to Robert Goddard in Roswell. 

We had to visit the UFO tourest trap, I mean museum.  

But then we got serious about our refreshment. 

After all was the refreshments and dinner, the bikes were put away for tomorrow.    Richard and Stephen are manuvering for a parking spot.   

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