Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fun in the Sun - Wednesday 06/15 - Flagstaff, Az to St. George, UT

 Today we head to St. George, Utah and will see Zion National Park on the way.   The roads we took were quite beautiful. 

We stopped at a scenic overlook and found several indian jewelry vendors there.  Dave really didn't have much interest. 

Judy Cory caught some shade.

Zion National Park was incredible. We came in through the east side and took the Mount Carmel Highway which had a 1.5 mile long tunnel to go through.  It was very impressive.

 We all took the bus through the canyon.  Here we have Herman and Alan peering out through the bus window.   Sharon is trying to take a picture of Alan taking a picture. 

 We hiked up to the water at Weeping Rock.  Weeping Rock is seen here.

Graeme, Leonard and Liz plan the hike.  

Sharon takes time to flash her smile. 

Karen and I took time to shoot more close ups.


Dinner was a Peppers where the service was quick and the plates were huge.

Fun in the Sun – Tuesday 06/14/2011 – Payson, AZ to Flagstaff, AZ

Today we leave Payson and go to Flagstaff, Arizona.  We will be stopping in Sedona for lunch and then on to Flagstaff to check in.  Later we will visit the Grand Canyon. 

Morning at our motel.  Leaving for Flagstaff.

Karen shot the shadows in the morning.

We had great roads to ride. 

Liz and Leonard.

Angela is having a good time. 

Notice the road off in the distance.

Sharon stops for a break.

So does Dave. 
Stephen goes Hollywood while Vicki looks on. 

Angela is taking a break.

Herman has found a nice photo opportunity. 
Bud and Karen.
Dave strikes a pose.

Liz and Leonard take their shot.

One must use EXTREME CAUTION if you are on a motrocycle in Jerome, AZ. 
Lunch was in Sedona, Arizona

We had to have our picture taken infront of the naked women foutain.
Herman had some sort of egg, salad and steak meal.  I have never seen someithing like this before.

Karen's Mac & Cheese. Liz had a nice desert.

Our group photo at the Open Range, Sedona, Arizona

Afterwards I took the opportunity to shoot some stock photos for the website.

Then we went on to Grand Canyon...



Then we headed home to Flagstaff with a nice sunset to watch on the way.