Friday, June 17, 2011

Fun in the Sun - Monday 06/13/2011 - Silver City, NM - Payson, AZ

 Today we leave Silver City, New Mexico and head for Payson, Arizona and the Dallas Mav’s are NBA champions! The mornings always have some interesting things going on.

The morning shadows show us riding North. 


The morning landscapes are simply incredible.

 We start our daily dose of curves and finally make it to Arizona.

More curves …. And a big rock.

The road seems to wander forever.


Now where are we….

Herman is not interested in a movie right now.

More photos by Beth.


We did our own portrait in the desert.

A quick stop for gas and a snack.

Arizona desert.



This guy was standing around while we got gas.  Asked me to "pass around the helmet" for food money. 

More road pictures.

Look closely, some of our riders are in this shot.


Leonard & Liz…. Ready to rob a bank…

Shots taken at lunch.

Mark checking out his latest shot.  

Karen talking with Dave and Sharon.

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