Sunday, April 3, 2011

Coasting to Savannah - Day 7 - Greenville, MS

We got off to a early start on our way to Greenville, Mississippi. 

Bo and Joy are ready to go. 

There seemed to be multiple signs for every intersection.

A nice pond, the water was so still.

This was the end of the road for Highway 82.  They seem to be extending the road.

A shot for the Gordo's of the world. 

We didn't stop to see Mrs. Lamarr.

Welcome to Mississippi. 

Mississippi State University Stadium.

Some interesting homes. 

We had lunch at Pizza Inn. 

No deals here. 

Bo's Factory House?

The casino's at Greenville.

We had dinner at Doe's, a famous dive.  It was not in the most friendy neighborhood.

Karen and I split the huge ribeye. 

Lil' Charles is the grandson of the original founder. 

Putting the bikes to bed.

Coasting to Savannah - Day 6 - Alexander City, Al

We started out early headed to Alexander City Alabama.  We are going to meet up with a former Lonestar BMW Riders Club member named Bill Allen in Alexander City.  He has been following our progress and now lives close enough to stop by when we arrive.

The roads were nice and weather was clear but cool.

These trees had the whitest flowers we have ever seen.

No trip in the south is complete without a picture of a Piggly Wiggly.

Bo works his way by a log truck on the way to the motel.

After we checked in and met up with Bill, we headed to the downtown area for a look at a restored soda fountain. 

These girls struck up a conversation with the "old guys" in motorcycle gear.

After the soda fountain, we rode through the neighborhood and then stopped for BBQ dinner. 

Bill on his R1150GS.

Coasting to Savannah - Day 5 - Savannah Tour

The weather was predicted to be 90% chance of rain and boy did it rain.  We got up and intended to take a tour of the city followed by a self guided tour.  The tour was provided by Old Savannah Tours and it was great.  The tour guide / driver had many interesting stories, but it was raining so the plastic windows were down... no picutures. 

We took the tour bus again to Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House for lunch.  The tour had a stop two blocks from Mrs. Wilkes.  We got off the bus in pouring rain and then stood in the rain for an hour before we got in for lunch.  Again, no pictures because of the rain.  This was an incredible lunch and if your ever in Savannah you should make this resturant for lunch. 

We then split up, Bo, Joy and Herman going to Paula Dean's to attempt a dinner reservation, no luck.  Karen and I headed off to CVS for some head cold medicine.  Both groups hiked through historic Savannah in the pouring rain.  We were unable to get any pictures as this was an absolute down pour. 

Finally after the rain quit, we were able to wander out again for dinner and headed down the to the river walk.  We walked past these two beauties.

Herman and Bo stopped for a quick photo.

We learned the the majority of the river walk builidngs were used for cotton companies.  

I am not sure what I was looking at. 

 Finally we ended our night at the candy store... again.